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Position applying for :

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Surname :  *
Given Names :  *
Date of birth :
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English Language
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List of documents submitted (validity crosschecked by the manager, marked copies are in the office)

Rank Number Date of issue Place of issue Date of expiry
Certificate of Competency

ARPA A-II/1,2 Crude Oil washing
Radar observer A-II/1,2 Seaman`s books
RTF operator A-IV/3 National Passport
G M D S S and Endorsement A-IV/2 International Passport
Personal sea survival A-VI/1 Educational Diploma
Oil Tankers A-V/1-8 Medical Certificate
Chemical Tankers A-V/1-15 Alcohol Test
Liquefied Gas Tankers A-V/1-22 Yellow Fever Vaccination
Fast Rescue boats A-VI/2-2 References
Proficiency in survival crafts A-VI/2-1 US Visa (Date of
Advanced fire fighting A-VI/3 expire):
Medical Care A-VI/4-2
Medical First aid A-VI/4-1
Hazardous cargoes A-V/4-5

Дополнительная информация :

Фамилия : Имя : Отчество :
Адресс :
Tel: +380 : Mobile : E-mail :
Фамилия контактного лица : Имя : Отчество :
Tel: +380 : Mobile : E-mail :
Рекомендован :
Рекомендует :

Other info

Hair Color: Eyes Color:
Height (cm): Weight (kgs):
Shoes: Boilersuit:
Computer User: Languages:

DETAILS OF PREVIOUS SEA SERVICE (Please fill from first contract till last)

Name of Vessel Year Built Flag Type of Vessel and Engine (Type) DWT and HP Rank Period of Service From:          To: Name of Owners / Contact phone number and name of person in charge *

* Please indicate contact numbers and name of person in charge on crewing matters.

Remarks : (Дата готовн., доп. документы и т.д.)

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